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Photography Projects to do at Home - Part 1

Being a photographer in Nashville's service industry, I have become overwhelmingly sidelined by the recent Stay Home order in TN to keep us safe from the Covid-19 virus, and I know many of us are in the same boat. So this week I've been thinking of ways that photography could still apply to our new and temporary way of living.

(For updated info on Covid-19, here's a quick link to the CDC)

Introducing: Photo projects you can do at home! These are some (mostly) fun ideas involving photography that you can do at home with the family, roommates, online friends, and some you can do on your own. All of them are free or low cost projects as well. We're all stuck at home for at least another few weeks or so, so when you run out of Netflix, or when the kids say, "I'm bored" for the 500th time, consider doing a few of these!

First up, Clean Your Closets. Hey, I didn't say they'd all be Fun Projects, although I happen to like being organized. Think of all the stuff you'll find that you forgot about! You can donate some items, or take photos of the things you want to sell online. All you need is a plain background and a bright light to make them stand out. No pro equipment needed!

[Stay tuned: In a future blog post I'll provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to get great e-commerce photos for your eBay or Etsy stores.]

[You can list what you don't donate on ebay or on Facebook Marketplace for porch pickup.]

Next up: Gather your quarantine-mates and have a karaoke night! Photos or video are both great for this, and you can connect with each other online, too. As long as you're not using them for commercial uses, there's free karaoke videos on YouTube that can be played with your phone, laptop, or SmartTv. Grab a hairbrush and rock out!

[Model (since my dog can't sing): @classickatenashvillemodel]

(And to continue the fun when the quarantine is lifted, check out

my friends at N-Tune Karaoke!)

Did you ever get one of those new instant cameras that you've since forgotten about? Get it out and take some new photos! You can make a photo collage or try out some fine art shots. A project I've done before is called "25 feet" to take a set number of photos within the same location. It doesn't have to be limited to just 25 feet, but within your home and back yard are ideal right now. You'll probably end up seeing everyday things in a whole new way!

[Pro Tip: If the flash is too bright on your camera, tape a coffee filter over the flash to diffuse and soften the harsh light.]

That's it for Part 1! Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for Part 2, which will include a fun game for the kids or the young at heart, and more! Also, if you have any creative ideas for at home photography projects, please share them with us!

















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