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How to Prep for Your Headshot Session

With the mass quarantine currently disrupting daily business, your headshot photograph might be the only face your clients can see right now. Better make sure it's a good one! Whether you need to update your photo or you need one for the first time, it's always good to be prepared. As a local headshot photographer here in Nashville, I've got some tips for you on what to expect.

First, communicate with your photographer on what kind of look you want. Many photographers have their own style, but can also accommodate a variety of different requests. Showing your photographer other headshots that you either like or don't like will help them understand what you want, and might mean they need to make a few adjustments to their lighting setup. Knowing this in advance will help both sides be more prepared and save time.

Did you change your look? Change your photo! As we change our hairstyle or even as we change over time, it's important to change our photo to reflect our new look. If you don't match your photo, this is often the first thing people will notice when they finally do get to meet you. Matching your photo is an easy and subtle way to let them know you are honest and on top of things.

[Shonna Lund of Revive Personal Fitness]

Get plenty of rest beforehand, and it's never a bad idea to stay hydrated. This is both good for your photo and good for your health.

If you're not sure what to wear, you can bring multiple clothing options. Your photographer can help you pick out the best one, and most likely won't mind photographing you in multiple outfits as long as it stays within your allotted time frame. Even if it costs a little extra to get more than one photo, another outfit will give you a slightly different look if you need one for different purposes, and will last just as long.

[On this session, Shonna chose two outfits - one for a business professional look, and the other to show that she's ACE certified at Revive Personal Fitness]

Here are the basics when getting ready:

Avoid wearing busy or patterned clothing. No matter how cute that top is in real life, in a two dimensional image a loud pattern or bright color will overwhelm the viewer and distract from what's really important - your face.

Sticking with something simple, like a solid color other than white, means that you'll always be seen in something appropriate and timeless. Same goes for the makeup and jewelry - the simpler and less distracting it is, the better.

It's also a good idea to bring a black business jacket to throw on just in case. This will instantly give you a professional business style as well as a quick alternative look.

Keep in mind that not only professionals who need a business look are in need of headshots. Creative types or those in the service industry can benefit from a great headshot as well, and can usually get away with a more creative look.

[Bethany Kayleen Hullet of Rock Your Locks Salon]

To see more examples, visit my online portfolio at

What do you think? How long has it been since your last headshot photo was taken?

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