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Event Photographers and You

It seems as if sometime in the past twenty years our cell phones got together, plotted a plan for world domination, and have since began taking over the world. These days our cell phones can do almost everything, and the thing we use them for least is making phone calls. Is this bad? Maybe. Maybe not. But one feature I'd like to draw attention to today is the camera. Your smartphone definitely has one, and people these days use it instead of a separate camera to take photos. Of Everything. All the time. Seriously, we take a lot of photos with our phones. But sometimes you don't have to!

(But if you want to, knock yourself out)

As an event photographer I can offer you a life hack: anytime a professional photographer is provided, feel free to take advantage of it. They really don't mind, and probably prefer it! That's what they're there for after all, so don't be afraid to approach them and ask for a photo - you'll get a great shot, your host will know they made a good choice and you're having fun, and you'll be supporting the photographer. Triple win!

(Did you ever realize that weddings are just

fancy events? Say hi to my first wedding

clients, Ryan & Sally)


Here are some places you might be able to leave it to the pros and save yourself the trouble!

Weddings - This seems incredibly rude, but using camera phones to snap photos at weddings has become such a widespread problem that #unpluggedwedding is a thing, and families have had to resort to putting up custom signs asking guests to put away their phones during the ceremony. ETSY

Your child's sporting event - How can you clap and cheer with a phone in your hand?

Or their recital - He or she practiced for weeks or months for their big day. Heart pounding, they step up onto the stage, look out into the crowd for a familiar face... and can't tell which phone belongs to you.

Concerts - Not as big of a deal as the others, I suppose, and a pro photographer will be a little harder to get a hold of, but most seats in the house are just going to get you a shot of a tiny, tiny stage with a bunch of other arms holding phones in your photo. Doesn't really seem worth it.

Parties - If the entertainment isn't great, maybe the only thing you can do to pass the time is gather with your friends and try for a group selfie. Steve can't smile, Jessica blinked, and Shawn dropped his phone into his drink. Put your energy into thinking of creative poses instead! You'll have more options if the camera is more than a couple feet away from your face, and your pro photographer will make sure everyone looks good before snapping away.

Can you think of anywhere else?

(If you skip the selfies, then your hands will be free to strike a cheesy pose with your friends!)

In the future, why don't you try looking for more ways to put down your phone and still enjoy what's going on? Especially if there's a pro photographer provided, there's no harm!

If you don't believe me yet, check out this funny parody from SLF weddings for a video example:

Do you agree? What other times do you think the cell phone should be left put away? Feel free to share your story, too.

Thank you for reading, and if you liked this article, stay tuned! In a later blog I'll go over when it's just better to use a professional photographer in a corporate setting.

Oh, and here's a bonus tip - sometimes it's better to not take photos at all....

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