Vintage Camera


     Lacie is a freelance commercial photographer in the Middle Tennessee area.  Her work focuses on products, headshots, and events for businesses and organizations as well as individual professionals.  With a reputation for having an elegant and imaginative style, her photos immediately captivate your audience.


     Her love for photography started at a very young age, in the film era, with a strong documentary style, but expanded greatly after receiving education from Nashville State and Nossi College of Art.  It was there she learned advanced lighting techniques and how to use them in a commercial setting.  Now she specializes in serving business photography needs in the Middle Tennessee area.


     Lacie has the ability to transition easily between her client’s needs.  Whether it’s an in-house headshot, a high volume e-commerce product shoot, or covering a corporate event for marketing, her clean style is a clear asset no matter the situation.  When in the studio she works hard to showcase the accurate color and details of your products.  Her headshot photos will reveal the subject’s personality while staying in line with the corporate identity.  No matter the need, Lacie is an efficient and creative partner who can help you grow your reputation and meet your business goals.